Steve Magami

Mr. Magami has led a career as a financier and operator, leading investments, financings and M&A transactions, exceeding $1.0 billion in value, and has been particularly active in Latin America in addition to North America. He is the Founder and Chairman of Agro Vision Corp., a U.S. investment holding company investing in farmland and agri-business. Mr. Magami has generational roots in agriculture and has been active in agri-business since 2007. He launched his first company in Latin America in 2007, which was later sold to a $3 billion private equity firm and, subsequently, British Petroleum. Mr. Magami previously served as a Principal of a merchant bank backed by several prominent family offices, in addition to Lovell Minnick Partners, a private equity fund spun out of Putnam Lovell Jefferies, where he co-managed over $1 billion in Private Equity and Fund of Hedge Fund partnerships focusing on executing buyouts of middle-market financial services companies.

Mr. Magami is a supporter of various charitable and non-profit organizations, and was a founding member of the Los Angeles Chapter of Gen Next, an invite-only, non-profit aimed at overcoming generational challenges in the areas of economic growth, education and international security. He formerly served as a Member of the Board of EMQ Children's Services, California's leading non-profit provider of mental health services for troubled children, and several other Private Equity and Hedge Fund-backed public and private companies including ALPS Fund Services Inc., AssetMark Investment Services Corp. (observer), Pure Biofuels Corp., and Westcap Investors, LLC.